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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. Category Title Views
985 How to use [Select area] How has the motion of selecting area been changed? 667
983 How to use [Open files] How do I use file drag & drop motion? 1,311
964 Others 'DirectX cannot be activated.' notice window appears. What should I do? 6,048
961 Others If the payment in JPY does not proceed in Internet Explorer 4,722
953 Licenses & policy How can I register my coupon? 3,123
952 How to use Can I add subtitles (text) to the same location? 2,844
951 How to use GOM Mix Pro shortcuts 3,041
950 How to use Do I need to download the additional package even if I am using the free version? 2,418
949 How to use What is included in the additional package? 5,204
948 Licenses & policy I have a new PC. Can I register GOM Mix Pro again? 3,061
1 2