GOM Mix Pro


What is included in the additional package?

Views: 5,200 Date: 2017. 09. 13

Additional package includes installation files needed to install the paid contents (additional locked features represented by a lock icon) available on buying the full version of GOM Mix Pro.   



 - No installation of additional package is necessary if you use the free version only. In this case, the additional locked features represented by a lock icon is not available.


 - If you have downloaded and installed the GOM Mix Pro full package provided to you on the payment completion page when buying GOM Mix Pro full version,

   you can use the additional features (represented by a lock icon) without installing the additional package.



You can download the additional package on the GOM Mix Pro download page

by clicking below ‘Download additional package for paid users’ button.





Click here to see details about the differences between the free version and full version. Click here to buy the full version.