GOM Mix Pro

Version History

Version Description

    [Addition and improvement of functions]

    • Added 21 overlay clips (8 frame, 5 opening / closing, 8 conversion).
    • Added 16 kinds of template frame.
    • Added 8 kinds of filters (4 types of color type, 4 types of texture type).
    • Added detail setting of 4 filters (noise, halftone, split, embossing).
    • Changed the motion of selecting area. (The motion of selecting area by dragging over an existing timeline clip has been changed. Check out the changed motion >)
    • Added output setting guide Tool Tip.
    • Added Import / Export Progress Bar.

    [Customer feedback and correction of errors]

    • Corrected the error that vertical images are outputted smaller than they are set.
    • Fixed the memory leak error occurred when adding media samples.
    • Fixed the error occurred when selecting timeline during crop setting.
    • Fixed other errors and improved usability.

    [Addition and improvement of functions]

    • Addition of clip speed setting function

             (You can set the speed only when the output format is MP4.

             Please wait a little longer for OGM/FLV.)

    • Improvement of file drag drop motion

             Detail view >

    • Improvement of opening speed of project file

    [Reflection of customer feedback and correction of errors]

    • Correction of errors when applying fade in / out
    • Correction of screen errors when applying some filters for switching videos
    • Correction of errors that normal images are recognized as moving images
    • Correction of encoding errors due to memory problems
    • Correction of audio sync errors
    • Correction of other errors and improvement of the use
    • Fixed error that audio not playing in some video
    • Fixed error that audio not playing : Hamomy02.mp3

    [ Addition and improvement of functions ]

    • Added crop function
    • Added custom setting of rotation function
    • Changed rotate media icon to video adjustment icon

            (Reverse/Rotate can be set in video adjustment.

            The Playback speed setting is in preparation. Please wait a moment.)

    • Added 2 kinds of vintage, 2 kinds of camera/film filter
    • Added 8 kinds of pastel filter
    • Added 8 kinds of gradient cellophane filter


    [ Update new contents ]

    • Added 4 kinds of project samples
    • Add 5 kinds of media samples
    • Add 13 kinds of background music
    • Add 9 kinds of images / animated images
    • Add 6 templates
    • Added 49 overlay clips


    [ Customer feedback and fixes ]

    • Fix high frame video preview and encoding errors
    • Fixed version information error when updating
    • Fixed error when applying convert video / rotation simultaneously
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • [Urgent] Fixed overlay clip track errors
    • [Urgent] Fixed and improved additional package installation errors

    [ Christmas effect update ]

    • Additional support for Christmas and Deco images

    - Added 22 kinds of Default images

    - Added 75 kinds of Animated images

    • Added 8 kinds of Season Pack(Christmas) templates

    [ Video effect update ]

    • Added 24 kinds of Animation Templates
    • Added 59 kinds of Overlay Effects

    - Added 27 kinds of Bokeh / Lights leaks effect

    - Added 17 kinds of Light Transition effect

    - Additional support for additional Overlay Clip effects

    • Added 14 kinds of Background Image Samples
    • Added 3 kinds of Project Sample
    • Added 10 kinds of free fonts (1 Korean, 9 English)

    [ Customer feedback and fixes ]

    • Fixed an error that is not applied when encoding after applying filter alone
    • Other fixes and improvements.

    [ Improved Functions ]

    • Added 76 new color filters
    • Added time settings for video transition effects
    • Added time settings for text/images animation effects
    • Added video ratio support in output settings


    [ Customer feedback and fixes ]

    • Supporting white background images
    • Automatic rotation support for new videos and images
    • Fixed sync errors related to high frame rate videos
    • Fixed the time it takes to show the progress bar after loading a new media source
    • Fixed errors related to broken Korean characters
    • Default setting to system font when a font is not selected
    • Improved support for Japanese keyboards
    • Other fixes and improvements.
    • First release of GOM Mix Pro