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[Notice] Installation Guide of Every GOM products for Windows Enforcement of Microsoft.

Views: 42,341 Date: 2016. 01. 13

Begins at January 1st, 2016, every GOM Products is signed by new certificate of Windows, upon by the request of the Microsoft. However, it takes a bit of time to register all the GOM products to certify into the Microsoft’s DB, until then All the GOM Users, try to install GOM Products, might be seeing some warning messages in case of if the users are with Windows 7 over OS. Before our certificate will be registered to Microsoft DB, please install GOM Products’ files following to step below.

So, to the user’s convenience, we advise you to the following procedures before the certification of all GOM products to the Microsoft DB.


1) After downloading GOM Products’ files, click “Run” button on the right of the download bar.


2) Check option box on the pop-up.


3) Click "Run anyway" button on the below of the pop-up.